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The following article is my submission as part of the requirements for the Post Graduate Diploma on Product Management with the Dublin Institute of Technology. I am publishing it in case anyone is interested in the area and might find it useful.

The exercise was to synthesis 4 papers as a critique

The topics critiqued in the article are roadmapping, technology change, role of the CTO and Dynamic Capabilities. The four papers which are the subject of the critique are highlighted in the reference section.

Apologies in advance for the academic language used throughout. I hope it will still provide some useful insights.

This critique is an analysis of 4 papers dealing with technology management, the role of the CTO in dealing with technological change, and roadmapping as a strategic tool to assist in aligning technology activities with the business strategy. In this critique I look at the key message and persuasiveness of the authors, the papers' relevance to our own experience and how we might apply knowledge from the articles to our own business.

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