Systems Review

We commonly review system to establish current status and to research options to address the concerns of our client. System reviews can be instigated by a variety of factors such as organisational change, technology change or changes in vendor relationships. 3rd i provide objective, business focused expert opinion based on review findings and present our reports sensitively and professionally in plain english.


Review Services

  • Review Technologies
  • Issue Analysis
  • Development Options 
  • Costs Review
  • Legacy Migration
  • Integration Options
  • Application Security

Institute of Management Consultants and AdvisersRegistered Consulting Practices are controlled by Certified Management Consultants. Certification is an international qualification based on strict requirements relating to competence, ethics and independence, and is supervised by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. 

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"We needed to strategically focus our investment in IT Security. 3rd i's methodical approach to the analysis identified the most vulnerable areas of the business and the most effective means of reducing our risk. We found that performing a structured analysis of our business and technology use made the subsequent spend on IT security easy to justify as we now had a clear business case for each investment." - John Mullen, Technical Director, Version [1] Software

"What I most value about 3rd i is that they care about getting to the root of my problems, the time they put in to make sure I understand the best options for my company & the ease with which my problems disappear when put in the hands of an expert! 3rd i is like having my own in house expert who understand where I am trying to go and getting me there with the least disruption to my business!" - Tricia Murphy, TIG Alliance


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