Awards Information Management System (AIMS)

AIMS is a unique solution for the management of your organisation's certification and awards process.

Designed specifically to ensure smooth operations and process consistancy, as well as providing key management metrics for effective process management and continuous improvement.

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The Awards & Certification Management Process

AIMS is built from a typical set of core processes and is usually tailored to meet the needs of a specific client. The standard AIMS process consists of several steps, for example:

  • Your organisation offers an industry accreditation, certification or award
  • Client submits an application to be assessed for the award
  • Client application is approved
  • Client makes a submission to be assessed for the award
  • After quality checks, an assessor assigned to review the submission
  • Assessor completes a report and/or scoring sheet
  • Submission and report are reviewed by approving body
  • Award is granted / declined depending on judgement
  • Client re-applies for next cycle

Traditional Approach

Typical approaches to management of awards processes consist of:

  • Paper or emailed submissions
  • Word templates for reports, submissions etc
  • Spreadsheet for process tracking
  • Phone & Email for communications
  • Offline Application and Payment Processing
  • Boxes of Submissions and Reports
  • Mountains of photocopies for evaluators / assessors
  • Data retention obligations (5/6 years)

Typical Problems

Managing your awards without a defined workflow can have several disadvantages:

  • Challenge coordinating remote clients and assessment team.
  • High administration overhead managing the process
  • Inconsistancies in report and submission documentation
  • Inconsistant or undefined process
  • Incomplete or inaccurate process tracking
  • No audit trail maintained
  • No single realtime overview of all submissions
  • Reliance on individual expertise to drive the process

AIMS Benefits

Using AIMS you can expect to achieve:

  • Better team coordination
  • Consistent, repeatable process
  • Reduced administration
  • Reduced paperwork and storage needs
  • Less printing and photocopying
  • Full audit trail
  • Better document management
  • Control over submission documents and report versions
  • Smoother, better and more cost effective awards management
  • Happier Staff and Clients

Institute of Management Consultants and AdvisersRegistered Consulting Practices are controlled by Certified Management Consultants. Certification is an international qualification based on strict requirements relating to competence, ethics and independence, and is supervised by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. 

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Key Features

  • Web based submission management
  • Multi-user hub for data collection and management
  • Dramatically improved process management
  • Online Payment Collection
  • Integrates with Smart Audit and our other Data Capture tools
  • Demonstration Available
  • Innovative Platform
  • Industry Standard Technology

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