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Our content management system comes with a skinning engine which ensures that your website will have a consistent look across all the site content.

Another advantage of a skinning engine is that if you want to change the entire look of the website, all you need is a new skin and you immediately have a new website design.

You have a number of options to choose from when arranging a design for your website skin that are tailored to suit your needs and budget:

As well as these packages we also have "Copy Design". Skinning for pre-existing websites by quotation.

Standard Design

Standard design provides a simple and cost effective means of getting a good looking website up and running with minimal delay. Standard design stages includes:

  • Client Provides Design Brief including existing collateral (logo, images etc.)
  • Rapid Template Idea Generation
  • Template customisation
  • Website skin production
  • One skin + 2 content containers

Pro Design

Use pro design where style and corporate identity is important. Pro design is great for mid sized companies looking for a design edge.

  • Client Provides Design Brief including existing marketing collateral
  • Idea Generation of 2-3 templates
  • Template revisions
  • Website skin production
  • 2/3 skin variants (inner, outer pages) + multiple content containers


Optimised is for advanced websites which contain complex content layouts. Features might include flash, tabbed content, pop-up areas etc.

  • Consultative design brief stage to determine proposed site structure and technical options
  • Pro-design process included
  • Implementation services for design and content integration
  • Use for sites needing heavy customisation. 

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