Actravia 2.0 Release Notes


Added Calendar View with support for DNN Events Calendar Themes and Tooltips
Added Upcoming Events View
Added Support for direct link to individual event
Extensive modifications to the event management functions
Extended Support for RSS
Added support for customisation of registration link text and booked out text/link to facilitate event sales
Added support for registration link customisation to override module settings at the event level. You can now link an event registration anywhere.
Added support for bulk SMS messaging to the event management section
Added support for twitter posting in the event management section
Added settings for twitter and clickatel SMS messaging
Added feature to customise the registration and booked out link text
Added Uninstall script for database
Added support for resource localisation for customer side presentation screens
Added iCal file link for storing event start details  in Outlook or other iCal compatible calendar
Added support for event recurrance allowing periodic creation and publishing of events
Add facility to hide dates on participant booking screen
Added 3 optional custom fields which can be configured for each of the different order types
Added support for custom validation expressions and messages for custom fields
Added facility to send attachment along with the participants email
Extended css class definitions supported for module and menu
Removed delegates enrolled from the edit event screen as this was confusing users, and moved to manage event screen
Inplace editing for course descriptions is now enabled
Added support for changing text for free bookings
Added support for changing text for standard price header
Added support for hiding standard price column
Clicking "return" from Edit event or manage event now returns to the event being edited on the main form
Can now display completed / incompleted bookings by selecting a check box in the event management field
Added support for inplace editing of the event description
Added facility to add close date for event in advance of the event
Added facility to select a default page to display when the module is loaded. Selection includes a welcome page, upcoming list or calendar view
Added facility to customise the display price for scenarios where qualification is needed on the price
Added facility to reorder purchase options
Added facility to edit options in place
Added facility to add a maximum number of options to be purchased

Reordered Location and Venue text boxes to correct display order
Issue with additional order items not being transferred to Paypal has been fixed
Issue with view order of events not being honoured is corrected
Issue with location direction token [DIRECTIONS] in email template corrected
Fixed issue with amount due to be paid not being recorded for Invoiced and Pay on Day/Pay by Cheque bookings
Disabled partial rendering in default module settings due to some issues arising in certain scenarios
Corrected problem where return links from edit and manage event screens returned back to the default screen
Corrected problem with table 3rdi_TransactionStatusType not being populated by install script meaning that "booked out" message would not appear
Corrected issue with course list not binding to the main section in some scenariosith course list not binding to the main section in some scenarios

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